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Construction Waste Removal

Are you a homeowner finally getting started on your own home renovation? Or maybe you are a contractor who regularly does commercial and residential renovations? In any case, when renovating or building, there is one thing in common. Everyone has debris that needs to be removed!

Unfortunately, construction debris is not a material that you can throw away at your weekly waste collection. So what are you going to do with all this waste?

Getting rid of construction waste can be a real headache for anyone. You have to either find a way to do it yourself, or get out a huge dumpster and then throw all your trash in there ... by yourself. Sometimes the dumpster is larger than you need, or the place where you live or work does not allow it. So what to do then !?
Construction Debris Removal
Construction Debris Removal
First Junk Removal Company for projects of all sizes, both commercial and residential
First Junk Removal Company offers fast, reliable and convenient construction debris removal services for projects of all sizes, both commercial and residential. We take bricks, boards, cement, old appliances and even kitchen sinks!
Construction Debris Removal
We make sure that your construction debris end up in the right place and be disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

We haul all types of construction material, including: concrete, asphalt, scrap wood, scrap metals and many other.

We Remove Almost All Types of Construction Debris, Including:



Roofing Shingles






Items We Do Not Accept:

Items we DO NOT ACCEPT are hazardous materials. This including chemicals, gasoline, oils, paints, solvents, asbestos or asbestos containing materials, full propane tanks or any types of toxic waste.

We are family owned and operated. Licensed, insured and bonded professionals. We promise to get the job done fast, efficient and with transparent price.


What types of construction debris & waste can be recycled?
Almost all types of construction waste can be recycled, including concrete, metals, lumber, tiles, plastic, porcelain, masonry, stone, insulation, carpeting and drywall.

If you want to dispose of your construction waste yourself, you need to check with your local business to make sure they can accept it. Also keep in mind that transportation can be difficult alone, especially if you need to move a large load of debris.
How to dispose of concrete?
If you are laying a foundation or building a wall, you may end up in piles of unwanted concrete all over the area. Fortunately, there are a number of alternative concrete disposal methods that do not take up landfill space.

Here are some ways to handle old concrete:

  • Take to construction and demolition dump.
  • Give it to your local building materials dealer.
  • Advertise it for free or for sale online.
  • Hire a professional waste transportation company.
  • Offer it to recycling companies.
  • Offer it for free on the side of the road.
  • Reuse it for home improvement projects.
  • Load it into your rented trash can.

Unused concrete slabs still have value. Be sure to consider any alternative disposal options in your area before throwing them into landfill.
How the bricks can be disposed?
Like concrete, bricks are often too heavy and bulky to be thrown into a regular trash heap. And when thrown away in large quantities, this non-biodegradable material takes up a large amount of valuable landfill space.

Here's how to responsibly dispose of old bricks:

  1. Determine if the bricks are in good condition.
  2. Donate your usable bricks to your local material exchange program.
  3. Offer your bricks for free online or in your area.
  4. If your bricks are unusable, take them to a landfill.

Bricks are one of the most durable and valuable resources for building large and small structures. If you can't use them in your DIY products, try to recycle them before you send them to landfill.
How our service works:
1. Schedule your First Junk Removal Company service online or by calling 1-425-999-7179.

2. We will call you 20-30 minutes before your scheduled time to let you know exactly when to expect us.

3. When we arrive, we'll take a look at the items you want to be removed and provide you with an up-front all-inclusive price.

4. We'll remove your items, being sure to only touch the items we're taking away, and sweep up the area. We'll then collect payment once the job is complete.