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Electronic Waste Recycling

Electronics become outdated faster than anything else in your home. What pain is it really? You buy a beautiful new TV, audio system or computer, and the next moment all of this is a thing of the past. Now you need the newest and the best. So what do you do with the "old" electronics that you no longer need? Just because they are a little outdated or worn out does not mean that someone does not need them. We specialize in finding a new home for your old electronics. And if it is out of order, we dispose of it in an eco-friendly way.
Electronic Waste Recycling
E-Waste Recycling
First Junk Removal Company dispose electronics in an eco-friendly way
First Junk Removal Company makes it easy to recycle junk electronics. We arrive with a truck, load everything and take it to the local recycling center. All things in good working condition will be given to those in need.
Electronic Waste Recycling
We make sure that your old electronics end up in the right place: whether it be a charity if the electronics are still working, or a recycling facility to ensure your electronics is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

We haul away any of those unwanted electronics you have, including: computers, printers, cell phones, conditioners and much more(except hazardous waste).

We Remove Almost All Types of Old Electronics, Including:

Discarded Computers
Video Game Systems
Old Printers
Cell Phones
DVD Players, VCRs, DVRs and More

Items We Do Not Accept:

Items we DO NOT ACCEPT are hazardous materials. This including chemicals, gasoline, oils, paints, solvents, asbestos or asbestos containing materials, full propane tanks or any types of toxic waste.

We are family owned and operated. Licensed, insured and bonded professionals. We promise to get the job done fast, efficient and with transparent price.


Why should I recycle my e-waste?
All of old computers, cell phones, and gaming systems are made of valuable and limited resources. These rare metals, plastics and glass require energy to produce and emit greenhouse gases when sent to landfills.

Recycling e-waste appropriately reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves our limited resources, and lowers the overall environmental impact of processing new materials.
Can I throw electronics in the trash?
Due to the presence of toxic materials and chemicals found in most electronic devices, many waste removal companies do not accept old electronics in their regular waste collection or recycling service. These same toxic materials also prohibit throwing old electronics in the trash can in many cities. To avoid fines or damage to the environment, e-waste must be disposed of properly.
How do I properly dispose of batteries?
The correct way to dispose of old batteries depends on your battery type. Alkaline batteries, which are the most common types of household batteries, can be safely disposed of with normal waste. However, car batteries and lithium batteries, which are often used in phones and computers, are not safe to leave in landfills.

Here are some ways to get rid of old batteries:

  1. Take the batteries to your local electronics recycling center.
  2. Go to your local electronics store and leave them in the designated drawers.
  3. Throw away all AAA, AA, 9V and D-cell batteries in the trash can.
How our service works:
1. Schedule your First Junk Removal Company service online or by calling 1-425-999-7179.

2. We will call you 20-30 minutes before your scheduled time to let you know exactly when to expect us.

3. When we arrive, we'll take a look at the items you want to be removed and provide you with an up-front all-inclusive price.

4. We'll remove your items, being sure to only touch the items we're taking away, and sweep up the area. We'll then collect payment once the job is complete.