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Where to donate TV?

Over time, household appliances break down or become hopelessly outdated, and then there is the questionof how to dispose of them. There are also situations when we simply buy new appliances. Sometimes we may send the old one to the child's room, to grandma's house, or somewhere else. And if there's nowhere to put it, we have to think about how to get rid of it and where can we donate the TV.

Why is it important to give away your TV for recycling?

According to statistics, in all developed countries, almost every home has at least one television. Many families have this device in every living room. Given the number of new products and our desire to buy the best, imagine how many TVs are simply not needed every year!

In fact, all humanity is divided into two large groups – those who easily throw away everything unnecessary and those who keep everything for years. Often those two are married to each other, making it difficult for one member of the family to take old things to the landfill. It's not right to put everything in storage, cluttering up the house, and you also shouldn't thoughtlessly throw away things that can still be useful to society, either. How can we maintain a balance?

The first and most obvious way to get rid of a TV is to simply throw it away. However, the cabinet materials and the stuffing take an extremely long time to decompose and are capable of poisoning the environment. For this reason, throwing it in the trash is the most undesirable method. First of all, this applies to outdated models with a tube, which contains strontium, barium, lead, and other elements harmful to humans. Indeed, according to the degree of harm to the environment, old televisions belong to the third category of waste – only qualified companies can dispose of them. What does that leave us with?

If we want to leave our descendants a clean planet for years to come, we must think about all aspects of our lives. Not only separating waste, but also thinking about whether the thing is worth throwing away in the first place. If it works, you can donate television to those in need. If it doesn't, give it to recycling.

Checking out where we can donate a TV

If you are determined to get rid of your old TV but don't know what to do with it, find out where a disposal is available in your area. The easiest and usually the most effective option is to go to an electronics store. Most major stores and manufacturers accept old equipment. Often it works like a trade-in – you turn in your old TV and get a discount on a new one. This helps you save money on the purchase of new equipment. Even if you don't need the discount – you can give it to friends or neighbors. Either way, you've already done a good deed by deciding not to poison our planet by simply throwing away your TV.

If you have a website or page for your county, there may be information you need there, too. Be sure to research all the nuances. It would be a real bummer to bring that weight in and then find out that it's your TV that they can't take.

Who else can take my TV as a donation?

If you find out that your old friend is working and no one in the family wants it, you need to find someone else to give it to. You start to search “where can I donate a TV near me?” There are many different organizations that can help you with this. If everything is more or less clear with the commercial ones and with the trade-in system as well, you need to pay attention to the non-commercial ones. Did you know that there are organizations that can take your TV to resell it later? The proceeds go to help those in need. If this option appeals to you the most, choose the organization whose goals are the closest to your heart.

How to donate a TV properly

Once you've chosen where to donate the TV, all you need to do is take the last few steps. If it is a new model, make sure that all personal data on it has been erased. Unplug the device from your network, and try to find the option to reset it to factory settings. It's in your best interest to make sure your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Don't forget to remove the batteries!

When we're talking about old equipment, we're not talking about personal data, but we need to take care of the wires. When you choose an organization where you return your TV, be sure to check what condition they accept it in again. Usually, all cables are handed in separately at an e-waste point.

I need to recycle

If your TV no longer works and your only option is to recycle it, you need to find a place to do it. As we said before, the easiest thing to do is to go to an electronics store. Unfortunately, even in large cities, collection points may be far away from you. You don't want to spend a whole weekend driving all over the country with an old TV. So try searching on the Internet for locations in your area. This way, you will help your items go to recycling and make a difference.

What about charity?

Your TV is in good condition, but you don't want to sell it and waste your time? Talk to charities in your area. Maybe they'll be happy to take it if the only drawback is that it's old.

As always, check all the details – can they pick it up or do you have to drive it yourself? Is there a list of things they need? You may want to bring something else in right away. If there is nothing nearby, contact the Salvation Army, but be prepared that in some cases they may not accept your item, or you may have to wait a long time.

I don't want to carry it all by myself

Maybe that's why it's taken you so long to get rid of old junk. If you can't put it away anywhere nearby, you have to carry it on your back or drive with that old TV in the middle of nowhere.
Is there a better way?

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